Much Younger

from by Marshall Jacklin

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Float on in, glance around,
Spend a couple minutes trying your best to figure out,
Why you don’t feel anything
While everyone else is wearing tears and you aren’t even

Are you that cold? Some kind of coded machine?
That can walk right out of this room as if nothing had happened
While everyone surrounds the bed,
You’re not even sure why you’re standing there

And the nights alive just outside the window
Cars splash red upon the pillow
Where crow’s feet cut deeply into eyes much younger

My aunt takes my hand to hold
Squeezes while my mother speaks low, old stories, jokes,
psalms, comforting quotes
Peroxide paddles into the cool of the room
Through the vents rumbling chest, humming tunes like a bassoon

And the monitors are alive, just beside her pillow
Dancing like the moon's waltz through the window
Where ribs cage a heart much younger

As they say their goodbyes, you mouth along the words
Try with all your might to hide the fact that you’re not hurt
And the nurse looked pretty good in that strobe light green
And you wonder if that burger place will still be open…

I remember, maybe five years old
Took me out, bought me my first radio
And said “don’t listen to nothing but classic country”

The antenna could stretch taller than I was
I used to think that the signals came from up above
Cause nobody ever sang like that on Sundays

It’s kind of weird talking like this to a stone,
I’m glad you’re not in pain anymore,
I’m sorry it took so long to say goodbye

I was callous, I was selfish
Crocodile tears and a helmet,
I didn’t know who I was back then

You know, sometimes these days
I think you’re trying to reach me by those same airwaves
When I hear songs like,
“Oh Susanna, don’t you weep for me,
I come from Alabama, with this banjo on my knee”.
“Hey good lookin’, what yah got cookin’?
How’s about cookin’ something up with me?”


from Putting on a Show, released August 19, 2014
Music and Lyrics by Marshall Jacklin
"Oh Susanna" by Stephen Foster
"Hey, Good Lookin'" By Hank Williams



all rights reserved


Marshall Jacklin Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Canada.

Vocals. Piano. Songwriting.

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